Mojave Desert Gem and Mineral Society

The Mojave Desert Gem and Mineral Society of Barstow, California was founded in 1940. We are a nonprofit organization for people interested in collecting and learning about gems, minerals, rocks, fossils, lapidary arts and the earth sciences. 

The club holds monthly meetings and sponsors a variety of special events including field trips, lapidary classes, and an annual gem and mineral show.

OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this Society are:
•To collect and study minerals and rocks.
•To disseminate a general knowledge of the science of mineralogy and allied subjects.
•To provide opportunity for the exhibition and exchange of specimens.  

AFFILIATES: Our Society is a member of:
AFMS - American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (a non-profit educational Federation of seven similar regional organizations of gem, mineral and lapidary societies).
CFMS - California Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc. (includes approximately 137 clubs and societies mostly in California).