Mojave Desert Gem and Mineral Society

     Scholarship Chairperson
     Mojave Desert Gem and Mineral Society
     P.O. Box 138
     Barstow, CA 92312

Selection of the scholarship recipient will be made by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  The recipient will be notified directly.  Questions regarding the scholarship program can be directed to the address above.


revised:  August 30, 2016


Applications are accepted annually and are due by April 15th to the MDGMS Scholarship Chairperson.  If you think you qualify for this scholarship, application forms can be obtained from your institution’s educational office or printed by clicking here.  In addition to the application you must include:

   1.  A current transcript.

   2.  A 300 to 500 word essay which addresses:

        a.  What motivated you to pursue your current career goal?

        b.  What do you hope to achieve upon obtaining your degree?

   3.  Two letters of reference, one from a faculty member and one from someone who is not related to the applicant.

   4.  Applicants shall be available for an interview if requested by the scholarship committee.


Scholarship monies are paid semesterly direct to the college of choice in increments of $500.  The annual scholarship amount is currently $1000, but is subject to change.  A stipulation exists that the funds will be returned to the MDGMS if the recipient fails to register for and attend classes for credit maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0.



   1.  Applicant must reside in San Bernardino County.

   2.  Must be a graduating high school senior or college, university, or graduate school student.

   3.  Must be pursuing a degree and/or career in earth sciences, lapidary arts, or other related fields at an accredited college or university.

   4.  Must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

   5.  Enroll in one class of Earth Science of their choice.

   6.  Scholarship recipients must reapply each year.


The Mojave Desert Gem and Mineral Society has a program to provide scholarships to residents of the Barstow community.  The society was established in 1940 to encourage interest in the earth sciences and lapidary arts and hopes that this program will aid in continuing these interests in future generations.  Funds for the Scholarship Program are obtained from proceeds received from our annual Gem and Mineral Show.

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